Special Session Proposals

SSP 2014 is seeking original, high quality proposals for Special Sessions, to be included in the technical program along with the regular track. Special Sessions are expected to address research in focused, emerging, or interdisciplinary areas of particular interest, not covered already by traditional SSP sessions.

The proposals for Special Sessions should include the following information:

  1. Title of the special session
  2. Motivation for the proposed session, stating its relevance for SSP
  3. Description of the session scope and main topics to be covered
  4. List of expected papers: sessions must have 6 papers
  5. Short bio and contact information of the organizers

The proposals will be evaluated based on their quality, timeliness, novelty, relevance to SSP, potential to open new perspectives and/or bring together confluent areas, and further develop the field. Each Special Session will include a selection of six papers. The session organizers will be responsible for soliciting submissions. Note that all contributed and special sessions are poster sessions.

Paper submissions to the Special Sessions should adhere to the same style as the regular papers, and shall follow the same timeline and review process. The Special Session Chairs will collaborate with the organizers in the assignment of reviewers to the submitted papers, the quality of which shall meet the same standards as regular papers. If fewer than the needed number of papers are selected, the Special Session will be cancelled, and the accepted papers will be scheduled in regular sessions.

Proposals should be sent via email:


with ’[ssp2014] Special Session Submission’ in the subject line.

The organisers will be notified of the decisions on or around 2 January 2014.

Review-ready 4 page papers are due 2 February 2014.

Accepted special sessions

Random Matrix Advances in Signal Processing

Romain Couillet

on behalf of the French ANR DIONISOS Project

download Random Matrix Advances in Signal Processingpdf 51.6kb

Stochastic Geometry in Signal Processing

Reza Hoseinnezhad

download Stochastic Geometry in Signal Processingpdf 414.4kb

Recent Advances in Monte Carlo methods in Statistical Signal and Image Processing

Dr Marcelo Pereyra and Prof Peter Green

on behalf of the SuSTaIn initiative, School of Stochastic Geometry in Signal Processing

download Recent Advances in Monte Carlo methods in Statistical Signal and Image Processingpdf 126.9kb

Advances in Robust Statistical Signal Processing

Abdelhak M Zoubir, Michael Muma

download Advances in Robust Statistical Signal Processingpdf 28.4kb