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Today's mostly data-driven broadband communication technology is dominated by the Internet, wireless and fibre-optic communications and networks

Despite rapid progress in these technologies and the access to the Internet becoming almost ubiquitous, there is a tremendous growth in demand for data rates. Increasing use of social networking sites and multimedia data communication is mostly fuelling this demand. Future generation mobile communications systems promise data rates of up to hundreds of megabits per second in high mobility areas and up to gigabits per second in low mobility areas. Similarly, the quest for data rates as high as terabits per second is ongoing for future optical communication systems. At the same time, as we strive towards a low carbon society, serious challenges remain in making these high speed communication systems energy efficient

In the Communications and Networking Laboratory, within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, we are engaged in world-leading research that addresses these important issues. In particular, our researchers in collaboration with industry, government organisations and other international institutions, are involved in design and analysis of future generation high-speed broadband communication networks with a vastly reduced carbon footprint.

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Prof Elaine Wong

Director, Communications and Networks