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Groups start week starting 9 February 2015.

Venue: CSP Lab Meeting Room, Level 3, EEE Building

Daniel Selvaratnam (PhD Student), Thursdays 2.30pm–3.20pm

Nonlinear Systems

This reading group will introduce Nonlinear Systems theory, continuing from last year. Topics will include Lyapunov stability theory, analysis of feedback systems and passivity theorems, before moving on to more advanced analysis and feedback control. The primary text will be Nonlinear Systems, 3rd Edition, by Hassan K Khalil, and topics will be covered sequentially.

Julien Flamant (PhD Student), Thursdays 3.30pm–4.20pm

Bayesian inference and its applications

This reading group aims to introduce Bayesian statistics and decision theory. It will cover foundations of Bayesian statistical theory, Bayesian model choice, Bayesian point estimation and tests and confidence regions. A few Bayesian calculations will be presented, with an emphasis on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods (MCMC). The main reference for this reading group will be The Bayesian Choice by Christian P. Robert, 2nd edition (2001), Springer; however additional references will be added if necessary.

Dr Vera Roshchina, Fridays 9.00am–9.50am

Algebraic Geometry and Statistical Learning Theory

We are going to read a 2009 book by Sumio Watanabe, Algebraic Geometry and Statistical Learning Theory. The book develops statistical learning theory by resolving singular models using the methods of algebraic geometry. We will follow the book’s structure, starting with an introduction, then singularity theory and algebraic geometry, zeta function and singular integral, empirical processes, singular learning theory, machines and statistics.

Dr Nicolas Le Bihan, Fridays 10.00am–10.50am

A short introduction to Lie groups and representation theory

This reading group will consist in an introduction to low dimensional Lie groups (with emphasis on matrix/ rotation groups). Topics covered will include geometry of complex numbers and quaternions, matrix Lie groups, tangent space and exponential map, Lie algebra and representation theory. The reading group will mostly follow the lines of the book of J. Stillwell, Naive Lie Theory, with extra references and examples for the representation theory part.

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