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If you are interested in studying with us the link below provides information and links that explain the how, where and when. You can begin your Control and Signal Processing career at the undergraduate level or at the postgraduate level.

More information about becoming a student can be found here:

Electrical Engineering: Study With Us

Graduate Research

The Control and Signal Processing Lab are keen to discuss supervision opportunities with talented students considering a research higher degree, either Masters or PhD.

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Graduate students do not need to find a supervisor, they are able to apply directly to study in CSPL and will be paired up with appropriate supervisor(s) once they are here:

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Program Information

Admission procedures and program information can be found on the School of Engineering website:

MSE: Master of Philosophy in Engineering

MSE: PhD in Engineering

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View our Members page for a list of our current graduate research students:

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Prof Jonathan Manton

Director, Control and Signal Processing Laboratory