Control and Signal Processing Lab


Research Focus

Analysis and design tools for real-world systems Transdisciplinary research
Theoretical foundations

The core of our research is illustrated above.

A significant fraction of our research is devoted to furthering the mathematical foundations of systems theory, automatic control and signal processing. This underpins all other CSPL contributions.

The foundational work is given a focus by its two primary domains of application, namely, the development of analysis and design tools for real-world systems, and trandisciplinary research.

The current long-term focus of the former is on the control and optimisation of large-scale distributed systems. Here, application areas include distribution systems (water, power) and environmental monitoring.

The other application domain of Control and Signal Processing Lab research is to scientific theories from other disciplines, the current long-term focus being on systems biology and systems neuroscience. Here, the challenge is to discover how nature engineers systems that process signals so efficiently; the brain uses only 20 watts of power yet outperforms powerful computers on a wide range of control and signal processing tasks.

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Prof Jonathan Manton

Director, Control and Signal Processing Laboratory