Future Grid Lab

About the Lab

The Future Grid Laboratory develops tools and technologies to optimise current and future energy grids that manage changing demand patterns.

Future Grid Lab provides advice on:

  • integration of renewable energy sources into the grid
  • transient, voltage and frequency stability analysis
  • dynamic fault detection and fault level monitoring
  • impact and utilisation of electrical vehicles
  • demand side technologies, optimal utilisation of assets
  • infrastructure condition monitoring
  • optimal sensor network for data acquisition
  • design and optimal placement of control and compensation systems
  • smart meters data mining and electricity pricing.

Future Grid Lab is industry-focussed and has had a long-standing association with the power industry, spanning generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. The team has an excellent appreciation of the technical problems and challenges future power grids will present. We are uniquely positioned to help industry to address problems associated with integration and control of renewable and embedded sources of energy into the grid.

Future Grid Lab combines the research activities of various groups within the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, in particular groups located in the departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The director of the Future Grid Laboratory is Assoc Prof Mohammad Aldeen, .

Mission Statement

Our team provides leadership in the design of future electricity supply systems that are generated from the most efficient, low impact energy sources, using the most effective technology possible, through collaboration with industry and academia nationally and internationally.

Guiding Principles

Future Grid Lab values:

  • collaboration with academia and industry
  • innovation in design and development
  • integrity of operation and practice
  • the ongoing quest to achieve sustained and efficient power grids.

Aims and Goals

We aim to be an internationally recognised hub for high-impact research and development in the areas of power and energy systems, to promote and advance sustainability and efficiency in operating future power grids, and to provide first-rate training and educational programs to researchers and practicing engineers.

Contact Us

Assoc Prof Mohammad Aldee

Director, Future Grid Laboratory

T: +61 3 8344 7298

Dr Iman Shames

T: +61 3 8344 6689