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Future Grid Research Lab has an excellent appreciation of the technical problems and challenges future power grids will present, due to our long-standing association with the power industry.

Future Grid Lab has the technical and practical know-how to help power industry to address problems associated with integration and control of renewable and embedded sources of energy and distributed generation and their impact on frequency and voltage levels. As well, the lab provides advice on infrastructure condition monitoring, sensor network design, and placement and control of compensation devices such as STATCOMs and fixed and variable SVCs. On the operation and control side, the lab has had extensive experience in dynamic fault detection, fault level monitoring, demand side technologies, stability analysis, device and network modelling, smart meters data mining and electricity pricing. Our expertise will help design a future electricity supply system that is generated from the most efficient, low impact energy sources using and most effective technology possible.

We would be happy to discuss special needs of and possible joint research projects with industry partners to solve issues of concern to the industry. This may take the form of focused contracts with specific aims and deliverables, joint submissions to government and semi-government organisations and grant awarding bodies.

Please contact us to arrange an obligation free in confidence (a non-disclosure agreement may be signed) meeting to discuss possible projects and solutions.

Our staff have diverse technical and training backgrounds and complete each other very well. The expertise covers a wide range of know-how including power system dynamics, operation, stability and control, power electronics, signal processing, optimisation, and data mining. Future Grid Lab is a one-stop shop for industry to engage with and seek solutions from.

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Assoc Prof Mohammad Aldee

Director, Future Grid Laboratory

T: +61 3 8344 7298

Dr Iman Shames

T: +61 3 8344 6689