Future Grid Lab

Mr Lu Xia

PhD research project: Demand side management for future grid

To ensure reliability, traditional electricity systems are built with redundant generation, transmission and distribution capacity such that they are able to withstand the maximum possible aggregated demand. However, structuring the electricity system in this way is not efficient. A significant portion of generation and transmission capacity is under utilized or sitting idle for most of the time. Hence, there is significant potential for Demand Side Management (DSM) to help increase the efficient use of of electricity grid assets. DSM is widely expected to play a significant role in future smart grids, both in terms of providing a virtual reserve capability, and for better use of under-utilized capacities. Our work focus on developing consumer friendly, cost effective and readily applicable DSM solutions.


Prof Iven Mareels
Prof Doreen Thomas
Assoc Prof Marcus Brazil
Assoc Prof Tansu Alpcan
Dr Julian De Hoog

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Awards and Prizes

First prize in NASSCOM Australia Technical Innovation Award. 2014

First prize Australian Institute of Energy National Postgraduate Student Energy Awards 2014, Future Energy category.

2014 Australian Postgraduate Award (ongoing)


Bachelor of Engineering (Research & Development) with 1st class honours, Australian National University, 2009–2012

Selected Publications

Mareels, I., de Hoog, J., Thomas, D. A., Brazil, M., Alpcan, T., Jayasuriya, D., Muenzel, V., Xia, Lu., & Kulluri, R, R. (2014, Octorber). On Making Energy Demand and Network Constraints Compatible in the Last Mile of the Power Grid. Annual Reviews in Control, Elviser.

de Hoog, J., Xia, Lu., Mareels, I., Alpcan, T., Brazil, M., & Thomas, D. A. (2014, August). Analysis of Constraints for Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging. In Proceedings of IFAC World Congress 2014. Cape Town, South Africa.

Xia, Lu., de Hoog, J., Mareels, I., Alpcan, T., Brazil, M., & Thomas, D. A. (2014, August). Electric Vehicle Charging: A Noncooperative Game Using Local Measurements. In Proceedings of IFAC World Congress 2014. Cape Town, South Africa.

Xia, Lu., Mareels, I., Alpcan, T., Brazil, M., de Hoog, J., & Thomas, D. A. (2014, February). A distributed electric vehicle charging management algorithm using only local measurements. In Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT), 2014 IEEE PES (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

Motevallian, S. A., Xia, Lu., & Anderson, B. (2013, June). A new splitting-merging paradigm for distributed localization in wireless sensor networks. In Communications (ICC), 2013 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1454–1458). IEEE.

Xia, Lu., Deghat, M., Anderson, B., & Hong, Y. (2012, November). Localization and circumnavigation of a group of targets by a single agent using bearing measurements. In Control Conference (AUCC), 2012 2nd Australian (pp. 253–258). IEEE.

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