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Mr Ramachandra Kolluri

PhD research project: Operating Inverter Interfaced Microgrids

Stability and operation of inverter-based microgrids depends on various factors. Component mismatches and parameters drifts drastically affect the stability of such systems. Therefore, the aims of this research project are to comprehend the effects of design differences and parameter drifts in inverter interfaced microgrids and formulate control techniques that provide greater design flexibility and also ensure longevity of operation.


Prof Iven Mareels
Prof Doreen Thomas
Assoc Prof Marcus Brazil
Assoc Prof Tansu Alpcan
Dr Julian De Hoog

Awards and Prizes

Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) (ongoing)

Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (ongoing)


2007–2011 Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Communications Engineering) with Distinction, GITAM University, India

2011–2012 Master of Science (Energy and Sustainability With Electrical Power Engineering) with Distinction, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

2013–2016 (expected) PhD, The University of Melbourne

Selected publications

Mareels, I., de Hoog, J., Thomas, D. A., Brazil, M., Alpcan, T., Jayasuriya, D., Muenzel, V., Xia, Lu., & Kolluri, R.R. (2014, October). On Making Energy Demand and Network Constraints Compatible in the Last Mile of the Power Grid. Annual Reviews in Control, Elviser.

Kolluri, R.R., Alpcan, T., Mareels, I., Brazil, M., de Hoog, J., & Thomas, D. A. On the Effect of Component Mismatches in Inverter Interfaced Microgrids, Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC), 2014 Australasian Universities, October 2014

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