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Mr Steven Percy

MPhil research project: Electricity Load Forecasting for Low Carbon Communities

This project is part of the low carbon living CRC Research Program 2002. The aim is to develop a tool for modelling the demand and demand interactions between energy, transport, waste and water. The model will capture the greenhouse gas emissions and cost to implement for a scenario being analysed. The project will use the demand models to analysis electricity grid impacts of low carbon communities and investigating aspects such as power quality, stability, losses and analyse the integration of new technologies.


Assoc Prof Mohammad Aldeen
Dr Roger Dargaville
Dr Adam Berry, CSIRO


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Sydney, 2009

Selected publications

(1) Textbook: S. D. Percy, C. Knight, S. McGarry, T. Moore, K. Cavanagh, S. Behrens, and A. Post “Thermal Energy Harvesting for Application at MEMS Scale”, Springer Briefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, 2013.

(2) Conference Paper: S.D. Percy, C.G. Knight “Optimizing the Efficiency of a Resonant Diaphragm Fluid Displacer” The 12th International Workshop on PowerMEMS, 2012.

(3) Journal Article: S.D. Percy; C. Knight; F. Cooray; K. Smart, 2012, “Supplying the Power Requirements to a Sensor Network Using Radio Frequency Power Transfer”. Sensors 2012, 12, 8571-8585. doi:10.3390/s120708571

(4) Public ASI &CSIRO Report: S. Sayeef, S. Heslop, D. Cornforth, D. Rowe, S.D. Percy, J. K. Ward, and A. Berry, 2012, “Solar intermittency : Australia’s Clean Energy Challenge”

(5) Conference Paper: S. Sayeef, T. Moore., S.D. Percy, D. Cornforth, J. Ward, “Characterisation and Integration of High Penetration Solar Power in Australia - A Solar Intermittency Study”, 1st Solar Integration Workshop, 2011, ISSN/ISBN: 9783981387049.

(6) Conference Paper: S.D. Percy. C. Knight. 2011 “Wireless power transfer, sensor positioning, and power monitoring” Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 7977, 2011,pp. 797705-797705-10. DOI: 10.1117/12.880367

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