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NeuroEngineering Related Seminar Series

Given the interdisciplinary nature of NeuroEngineering, there are a variety of NeuroEngineering-related seminars going on across campus:

Brain and Mind Club
Contact: Prof Seong-Seng Tan, Thursdays 5–6pm in 2nd floor boardroom of the Alan Gilbert Building. Monthly. Covers everything related to the neuroscience and philosphy of the brain and the mind.
Bio21 Institute Seminars
Covers everything to do with Biotechnology, plus a few other things.
Bionics Institute Seminars
Covers bionic vision, bionic hearing and neurobionics. Contact: Matt Petoe,
Electrical Engineering Seminars
Seminars covering everything to do with Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Howard Florey Seminars
Contact: Ross Bathgate, or Julie Atkin, Tuesdays 1pm in Howard Florey Institute Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor. Weekly. Usually covers experimental neuroscience.

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