Dr Bipin Gopala Krishna Pillai

Recent Publications

  1. Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Anthapadmanabhan NP, Suvakovic D, Chow H. Multi-user Encoding for Forward Error Correction in Passive Optical Networks. 2016 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS (ISCAS). IEEE. 2016, Vol. 2016-July.
  2. Khodakarami H, Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Shieh W. Quality of Service Provisioning and Energy Minimized Scheduling in Software Defined Flexible Optical Networks. JOURNAL OF OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING. OSA - Optical Society of America. 2016, Vol. 8, Issue 2.
  3. Wang P, Hinton K, Farrell P, Gopala Krishna Pillai B. On EDFA and Raman Fiber Amplifier Energy Efficiency. 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DATA SCIENCE AND DATA INTENSIVE SYSTEMS. IEEE. 2015. Editors: Chen JJ, Yang LT.
  4. Khodakarami H, Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Sedighi B, Shieh W. Flexible Optical Networks: An Energy Efficiency Perspective. JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY. IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 2014, Vol. 32, Issue 21.
  5. Sedighi B, Khodakarami H, Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Shieh W. Power-Efficiency Considerations for Adaptive Long-Haul Optical Transceivers. JOURNAL OF OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING. OSA - Optical Society of America. 2014, Vol. 6, Issue 12.
  6. Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Lee KL, Nirmalathas A, Premaratne M, Lim C. Experimental demonstration of impact of amplified spontaneous emission on devices based on cross-gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers - art. no. 660324. Conference on Noise and Fluctuations in Photonics, Quantum Optics, and Communications. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. 2007, Vol. 6603. Editors: Cohen L.
  7. Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Nirmalathas A, Lim C. Scalability of tuneable reflector based correlators for on-off keying labels. 2007 THE JOINT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OPTICAL INTERNET AND AUSTRALIAN CONFERENCE ON OPTICAL FIBRE TECHNOLOGY. IEEE. 2007.
  8. Gopala Krishna Pillai B, Premaratne M, Abramson D, Lee K, Nirmalathas A, Lim C, Shinada S, Wada N, Miyazaki T. Analytical characterization of optical pulse propagation in polarization-sensitive semiconductor optical amplifiers. IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS. IEE Institute of Electronic Engineers. 2006, Vol. 42, Issue 9-10.

Bipin Gopala Krishna Pillai

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Parkville
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T: +61 3 3 8344 3814
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