Dr Andrew Zalesky

Research Interests

  • Network Science, Connectome Bioinformatics
  • Null Models, Network Inference, Permutation & Resampling
  • Schizophrenia, Diagnostic Biomarkers
  • Systems Neuroscience, Nerual Mass Models
  • Tractography, Connectome, Functional Connectivity, Neuroimaging

Personal webpage



I'm a researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I am based at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre. I'm grateful to the NHMRC and ARC for supporting my research. I currently hold the NHMRC CDF. 

Recent Publications

  1. Cropley V, Klauser P, Lenroot RK, Bruggemann J, Sundram S, Bousman C, Pereira A, Di Biase M, Weickert T, Shannon Weickert C, Pantelis C, Zalesky A. Accelerated Gray and White Matter Deterioration With Age in Schizophrenia. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY. American Psychiatric Press. 2017, Vol. 174, Issue 3.
  2. Sotiropoulos SN, Zalesky A. Building connectomes using diffusion MRI: Why, how and but. NMR in Biomedicine. John Wiley & Sons. 2017.
  3. Solowij N, Zalesky A, Lorenzetti V, Y√úcel M. Chronic Cannabis Use and Axonal Fiber Connectivity. Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies: Biology, Pharmacology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. 2017.
  4. Ganella E, Bartholomeusz CF, Seguin C, Whittle S, Bousman C, Phassouliotis C, Everall I, Pantelis C, Zalesky A. Functional brain networks in treatment-resistant schizophrenia. SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH. Elsevier Science. 2017, Vol. 184.
  5. Kamagata K, Zalesky A, Hatano T, Ueda R, Di Biase MA, Okuzumi A, Shimoji K, Hori M, Caeyenberghs K, Pantelis C, Hattori N, Aoki S. Gray Matter Abnormalities in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease: Evaluation by Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging and Neurite Orientation Dispersion and Density Imaging. HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING. Wiley-Liss. 2017, Vol. 38, Issue 7.
  6. Cocchi L, Yang Z, Zalesky A, Stelzer J, Hearne LJ, Gollo LL, Mattingley JB. Neural Decoding of Visual Stimuli Varies with Fluctuations in Global Network Efficiency. HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING. Wiley-Liss. 2017, Vol. 38, Issue 6.
  7. Bousman C, Cropley V, Klauser P, Hess JL, Pereira A, Idrizi R, Bruggemann J, Mostaid M, Lenroot R, Weickert T, Glatt SJ, Everall I, Sundram S, Zalesky A, Shannon Weickert C, Pantelis C. Neuregulin-1 (NRG1) polymorphisms linked with psychosis transition are associated with enlarged lateral ventricles and white matter disruption in schizophrenia.. Psychol Med. 2017.
  8. Fornito A, Bullmore ET, Zalesky A. Opportunities and Challenges for Psychiatry in the Connectomic Era. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. 2017, Vol. 2, Issue 1.
  9. Van Den Heuvel MP, De Lange SC, Zalesky A, Seguin C, Yeo BTT, Schmidt R. Proportional thresholding in resting-state fMRI functional connectivity networks and consequences for patient-control connectome studies: Issues and recommendations. NEUROIMAGE. Academic Press. 2017, Vol. 152.
  10. Hearne LJ, Cocchi L, Zalesky A, Mattingley JB. Reconfiguration of Brain Network Architectures between Resting-State and Complexity-Dependent Cognitive Reasoning. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE. Society of Neuroscience. 2017, Vol. 37, Issue 35.
  11. Ganella E, Seguin C, Bartholomeusz CF, Whittle S, Bousman C, Wannan C, Di Biase M, Phassouliotis C, Everall I, Pantelis C, Zalesky A. Risk and resilience brain networks in treatment-resistant schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research. Elsevier Science. 2017.
  12. Calamante F, Smith R, Liang X, Zalesky A, Connelly A. Track-weighted dynamic functional connectivity (TW-dFC): a new method to study time-resolved functional connectivity. Brain Structure and Function. Springer. 2017.
  13. Di Biase MA, Cropley V, Baune BT, Olver J, Amminger G, Phassouliotis C, Bousman C, McGorry P, Everall I, Pantelis C, Zalesky A. White matter connectivity disruptions in early and chronic schizophrenia. Psychological Medicine. Cambridge University Press. 2017.
  14. Klauser P, Baker ST, Cropley V, Bousman C, Fornito A, Cocchi L, Fullerton JM, Rasser P, Schall U, Henskens F, Michie PT, Loughland C, Catts SV, Mowry B, Weickert T, Shannon Weickert C, Carr V, Lenroot R, Pantelis C, Zalesky A. White Matter Disruptions in Schizophrenia Are Spatially Widespread and Topologically Converge on Brain Network Hubs. SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN. Oxford University Press. 2017, Vol. 43, Issue 2.
  15. Cocchi L, Sale MV, Gollo LL, Bell PT, Nguyen VT, Zalesky A, Breakspear M, Mattingley JB. A hierarchy of timescales explains distinct effects of local inhibition of primary visxc ual cortex and frontal eye fields. ELIFE. eLife Sciences Publications Ltd.. 2016, Vol. 5, Issue Se.

Andrew Zalesky

Level: 03 Room: 311
Alan Gilbert Building, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 9035 7747
F: +61 3 8345 0599
E: azalesky@unimelb.edu.au

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