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  1. Sun M, Shieh W, Rajasekharan Unnithan R. Design of Plasmonic Modulators With Vanadium Dioxide on Silicon-on-Insulator. IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL. IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 2017, Vol. 9, Issue 3.
  2. Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Sun M, He X, Balaur E, Minovich A, Neshev DN, Skafidas E, Roberts A. Plasmonic Colour Filters Based on Coaxial Holes in Aluminium. MATERIALS. MDPIAG. 2017, Vol. 10, Issue 4.
  3. Khalid A, Chung K, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Lau D, Karle T, Gibson B, Tomljenovic-Hanic S. Lifetime Reduction and Enhanced Emission of Single Photon Color Centers in Nanodiamond via Surrounding Refractive Index Modification. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. Nature Publishing Group. 2015, Vol. 5.
  4. Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Kewes G, Djalalian-Assl A, Ganesan K, Tomljenovic-Hanic S, McCallum J, Roberts A, Benson O, Prawer S. Micro-concave waveguide antenna for high photon extraction from nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamond. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. Nature Publishing Group. 2015, Vol. 5.
  5. Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Roberts A. Optical 'magnetic mirror' metasurfaces using interference between Fabry-Perot cavity resonances in coaxial apertures. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. Nature Publishing Group. 2015, Vol. 5.
  6. Aramesh M, Cervenka J, Roberts A, Djalalian-Assl S, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Fang J, Ostrikov K, Prawer S. Coupling of a single-photon emitter in nanodiamond to surface plasmons of a nanochannel-enclosed silver nanowire. Optics Express. Optical Society of America. 2014, Vol. 22, Issue 13.
  7. Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Balour E, Minovich A, Collins S, James T, Djalalian-Assl S, Ganesan K, Tomljenovic-Hanic S, Kandasamy S, Skafidas E, Neshev DN, Mulvaney P, Roberts A, Prawer S. Filling schemes at submicron scale: Development of submicron sized plasmonic colour filters. Scientific Reports. Nature Publishing Group. 2014, Vol. 4.
  8. Chung K, Karle T, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, De Sterke CM, Tomljenovic-Hanic S. High-Q Defect-Free 2D Photonic Crystal Cavity from Random Localised Disorder. Crystals. MDPIAG. 2014, Vol. 4, Issue 3.
  9. Won K, Palani A, Butt H, Hands PJW, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Dai Q, Ahmed Khan A, Amaratunga GAJ, Coles HJ, Wilkinson TD. Electrically Switchable Diffraction Grating Using a Hybrid Liquid Crystal and Carbon Nanotube-Based Nanophotonic Device. Advanced Optical Materials. Wiley - V C H Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. 2013, Vol. 1.
  10. Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Butt H, Dai Q, Wilkinson, Amaratunga. Can Nanotubes Make a Lens Array?. Advanced Materials. Wiley-VCH. 2012, Vol. 24, Issue 23.
  11. Butt H, Montelongo Y, Butler T, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Dai Q, Shiva-Reddy SG, Wilkinson TD, Amaratunga GA. Carbon Nanotube Based High Resolution Holograms. Advanced Materials. Wiley-VCH. 2012, Vol. 24, Issue 44.
  12. Butt H, Butler T, Montelongo Y, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Wilkinson TD, Amaratunga GAJ. Continuous diffraction patterns from circular arrays of carbon nanotubes. Applied Physics Letters. American Institute of Physics. 2012, Vol. 101, Issue 25.
  13. Butt H, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Dai Q, Sarfraz S, Kumar RV, Amaratunga GAJ, Wilkinson TD. Cylindrical Fresnel lenses based on carbon nanotube forests. Applied Physics Letters. American Institute of Physics. 2012, Vol. 101, Issue 24.
  14. Dai DR, Butt, Rajasekharan Unnithan R, Wilkinson DR, Amaratunga PROF. Fabrication of carbon nanotubes on inter-digitated metal electrode for switchable nanophotonic devices. Progress In Electromagnetics Research. Electromagnetics Academy. 2012, Vol. 127.
  15. Wilkinson TD, Rajasekharan Unnithan R. Liquid crystals for nanophotonics. Liquid crystals beyond displays: Chemistry, Physics and Applications. Wiley - John Wiley & Sons. 2012. Editors: Li Q.

Ranjith Rajasekharan Unnithan

Level: 04 Room: 4.5
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 83444733
F: +61 3 9347-4783
E: ranjith.rajasekharan@unimelb.edu.au

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