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Broadband Access Networks

These research projects aim to study, design and develop next-generation broadband access networks with the focus on providing inexpensive and efficient solutions to customers.

In addition, the integration of optical and wireless broadband access are becoming an important issue as future access networks are gearing towards a shared and unified communication backbone which requires both technologies to be seamlessly integrated.


Gigabit wireless access using millimeter-wave over optical fiber systems

Researchers: Masud Bakaul, Thas Nirmalathas, Christina Lim, Stan Skafidas

Scalable and energy-efficient deployment of video services over next generation networks

Researchers: Elaine Wong, Chien Aun Chan, Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas, Christopher Leckie, Andre Gygax

Uni TV

Researchers: Ken Clarke

Unified digital networking for wireless and optical access

Researchers: Christina Lim, Yizhuo Yang, Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas

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