Research Centres and Institutes

Electrical and Electronic Engineering provides a world class environment for research collaborations with industry.

The department receives financial support from industry, government and other sources and has a number of research agreements through Federal and State Government programs such as Cooperative Research Centres, an ARC Special Research Centre and Research Institutes.

Through these centres and institutes, the department has very close links to other universities and industry.

Bionic Vision Australia

Blindness is one of the most debilitating conditions that can severely impact people’s ability to lead independent lives.

Bionic Vision Australia is a national consortium of researchers working together to develop a bionic eye that can restore sight to people with particular forms of vision impairment.

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Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET)

The Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) is carrying out research that aims to improve the energy efficiency of the Internet and keep the total energy of the Internet under control as the amount of data on the network increases and as the number of users expands. CEET is a partnership between the University of Melbourne, Alcatel-Lucent and the Victorian State Government. It is an autonomous research centre within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Alcatel-Lucent, through its research arm Bell Labs, and the University of Melbourne share governance of the centre.

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Melbourne Networked Society Institute

Melbourne Networked Society Institute conducts interdisciplinary research on the connectivity between people, things and places, which is at the core of many potential solutions to societal problems to improve quality of life, efficiency and sustainability.

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Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP)

ARC Research Network on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP) is a network of researchers created in 2004 to address fundamental cross-disciplinary issues of sensor networks and Information Processing in large, complex, distributed interacting systems with direct applications in health, environment and security. It brings together distinguished Australian and International researchers from relevant disciplines: mathematics, statistics, computing, biology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to create an outstanding intellectual infrastructure.

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Centre for Neural Engineering

The Centre for Neural Engineering (CfNE) is an interdisciplinary centre, established to undertake research in neuroscience and neural diseases. The CfNE draws together leading neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, cell biologists, geneticists, electrophysicists, chemists, physicists and engineers from the University of Melbourne and partner institutions.

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